by Croatoan

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Croatoan's self-titled debut


released November 27, 2015

Emil Poss - Vocals
Max Redding - Guitars
Charlie Fraser - Bass
Aaron Reskovac - Drums



all rights reserved


Croatoan Falls Church, Virginia

Proprietors of Pure Virginia Metal. Croatoan hails from Falls Church, Virginia delivering a unique, punishing brand of speed, thrash, and groove. Taking their name from the oldest piece of American history and the folklore that has developed around it, the band prides itself on bringing their venomous message to anyone who stands in their path. RAISE THE BLACK FLAG. ... more

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Track Name: Croatoan

From deep, the darkest blue
Riding the earth one with the dirt
Bloodshot eyes see your misery
Held by reality
And your cries of sanity
Fall on deaf ears

It's all we know
This pathetic state
Disregard the human race

To ride above bedeviled wisdom
A beast of truth splits your skull
We are the undercurrent
Always hungry for more

Looked down upon and cast aside
It's less than skin deep, now turn your eyes
To unending war, bloodletting for chosen divinity
Judged and damned by your holy
As god rots in the sky

When the sleep comes
You will find
A dead kingdom

Outside we will watch
Tell your children to walk the path
Fear keeps you all in place, immobile
Track Name: Obey The Need
Obey the Need

Sway to the rhythm
The song of the dead
Speaking in tongues
Starved until the end

Again we rise to the last night
With eyes like knives
Burnt down to ashes
And held to the sky

An offer is made, the fee is paid
Life will be twisted, all washed away
In six hours all will be changed
And I'm forever running
Through shifting planes

Tripping sideways
Lines blur after you intake
Ingest, hallucinate
Visions of the internal awake
Trembling as it rises
Going mad as it overtakes

Colors rushing before the eyes
The harshest truth disguised
Rule of reason none believed
Obey the need
Track Name: Howl At The Moon
Howl at the Moon

The screams have turned to whispers
Desperate eyes are searching the dark
This hell of the soul is driving me down

I'm lost in a dream
Can't wake, I cannot see
The light of day
In the sky, so cold and grey
And mystic light will fade away

Every night will be the same
I'm lost in a wilderness
Deep in the brain
From an empty railway car
I see the evil beneath the stars
A face of horror running on all fours

The screams have turned to whispers
Desperate eyes are searching the dark
This hell of the soul is driving me down
To live this over and over
Is to walk through realms of death
I wait for waking
I pray for an end

I wait for waking
I wait in vain

Welcome the night
Bathed in the palest light
Eyes sewn shut with no where to run
As hell unfolds and man becomes beast
Running on all fours
Track Name: Eating The Heart Of Your Enemy
Eating the Heart of Your Enemy

Breath comes slow and shallow
Sweat drips from your face
As the stomach churns and your brain squirms
Something ancient and twisted
With a demon's strength works its way in

From the dark continent comes a feral revenge
Evil begets evil, sin repaid with sin

Conjured by knowing hands and the blood of man
Piece by piece flesh is stripped
The power reigned in

Brought down, to the ground
Spine twists unnaturally
As a thousand daggers tear at your flesh
The serpents crawl in your chest
As your eyes melt from your face
You're nature's disgrace

Your cracking bones and ripping flesh
All ending by design
They'll snap your mind, feed on your cries
Help you to understand why
They take their revenge with ferocity
Eat the heart of your enemy

For your selfishness and your greed
For your arrogance and hypocrisy
Dark spirits circle the air
And run you through
In defiance of the science
You cry out to
Track Name: Stillwater

Backwoods yokel
Collecting road kill
(But the) neighbors always said
He seemed so normal

They never knew
What a full moon can do
A hateful desire grows without care
As the demons whisper
Into the still air
Of innocence carried away
To a world of pain

Nails and razor blades
Splinters and pain
Bodies sinking into muddy graves
A trophy piece of finger
Locks of hair
Disfiguring the body into a living work of art

A scene that drives the chill into the night
His excitement, it will rise
From splinters and pain
And bodies sinking into still water
Bodies sinking into still water
Track Name: Incantation of the End-Time Dirge
Incantation of the End Time Dirge

With speed it's coming down
Your ways will be a faint memory
Speaking words not of this earth
Incantation of the end time dirge
Millennium of fire's rule
The final age of plagues
Crawling through the remains of universal birth
Running blind through gardens of the dead

A corrosive internal disease
Brought us down to our knees
Light the sky, bring down the night
Drowning in empty seas, empty minds
And muffled screams

Eyes were all blind to the coming storm
Lived in disbelief as death took form
Armageddon spreads its wings
To descend on malignant winds
A pale horse in the dust of destruction
To bring the season of harvest upon us

Every wound has made me stronger
Every cut I've dug deeper
And treasured the pain
Track Name: Hands of Fate
Hands of Fate

Crawling across burning sand
With a hungry ache in me
This fallen house has secrets to tell
Eyes of the master staring up from hell

Outstretched claws reaching from the shadows
Chains dragging down the hall
Muffled cries behind closed doors
Are following you wherever you roam

Every turn you take
A slave to the hands of fate
A thousand choices led you to one end
You must stay a while
The journey begins

Welcome to this home
The master's away, will return soon
Now I bide my time
Lost to the world in a twisted mind

Before the altar
They lay in bondage
Desperate for his touch

Wanton airs caress bare flesh
Stripping down to the soul
As the servants of pain
With arms and legs held in chains
Anxiously await the come
The scent of a dripping cunt
Spread wide and ready to be run
Pushing up the dirt this house of hell gives birth
To another soul lost in time
Track Name: Lucifer's Scorn
Lucifer's Scorn

Deceiving hypocrisy soothes the souls of the weak
Wandering in the darkness
Of an ancient lie
As the whipping boys cry for their lord
I'll press through the smoke screen
Of a heavenly light
Of an ancient lie

Born of endless night
Shaping new life
I am the rays of truth
Buried in you
Uncovered, unclean and running free

Let the blood run warm
Let your mind stray
Forgotten memories of the bones in sand
Written in the stars for the end of days
Arcane knowledge cant be taken away
I am pure hate

Five points impale five holy men
Bled in a circle, bled in ancient ritual
Held down, underground
And freed from divinity

Sliding down, cant stop the changing now
Mutation, degradation, mesmerized by fire
Eating dirt but freed from divinity
For the grave will ease the pain of eternity
Keepers of the lie